Chinese Tea Plant


This is just a watercolor I did in my sketchbook. I tea stained the paper and then used gouache to paint the petals white. I finished up with watercolor and pencil. I am in-between classes now and haven’t had much time to do my art. Hoping and praying to find a way to join a class and to do more soon! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Chinese Tea Plant

  1. So beautiful, Susie! Thank you for refreshing my heart today with both your artwork and your poem! I had to look up what “gouache” is. 🙂 You certainly have learned a lot of ways to make your art look more real. Love and hugs to you!

    1. Hi Trudy! hahah yes I did too when the teacher first said we needed to get it! It sounds to me like a yummy french dessert! I am so glad my posts refreshed your heart- that refreshes mine! I appreciate your encouragement as I always get a bit nervous to post! Takes practice I guess to put stuff out there 🙂 I am out of practice! So thank you!! with hugs

    1. Hi Valerie- Thanks! Yes so cool to tea stain your own paper! Easy too! Val Webb has a video on utube on how to do it. She made the prettiest seed packet art with tea stained paper. Some seed packets are so pretty! Anyway happy spring! with much love and hugs

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